Park System Planning and Operations

Fundamental to every agency is a master plan, updated every 5 to 10 years, that assesses existing systems, clarifies current levels of service, determines community needs, and allows managers to develop an overall strategy including both short- and long-term adjustments. The Eppley Institute works with its partners to create plans designed to fit each agency’s size, community, and overall mission.

Research and Analysis

As part of Indiana University- one of the world’s premier research universities, the Eppley Institute offers research and data driven solutions for park and recreation agencies. Our expertise includes survey research, industry trend analysis, program evaluation, data comparison and analysis, benchmarking analysis, and much more.

Professional Development

The Eppley Institute offers award winning professional development programs in leadership, interpretation, asset management, strategic management, park planning, and other pertinent topics in the field of parks, recreation, and land management. Eppley Institute staff work with agencies to identify training needs and devise overall goals and then deliver the training locally as part of a “targeted” workshop.

Accessibility Planning and Training

National Center on Accessibility The National Center on Accessibility promotes access and inclusion for people with disabilities in parks, recreation and tourism. Located on the Indiana University – Bloomington campus, NCA is a center within the Eppley Institute for Parks and Public Lands. Our staff have diverse backgrounds in recreation therapy, interpretation, environmental education, program evaluation, and landscape architecture. Over nearly three decades, NCA has emerged as a leading authority on access issues unique to park and recreation programs and facilities.

Great Lakes Park Training Institute

Practical and Innovative Training for Park Professionals at All Levels

Held annually at beautiful Pokagon State Park, the Great Lakes Park Training Institute (GLPTI) is the oldest continuously running training conference for park professionals in the nation. It provides cutting edge learning opportunities for park and public lands professionals in municipal, county, state, regional and national agencies and a forum for the exchange of ideas, opportunities to network with and learn from peers, and exploration of current issues and techniques in the field of parks and recreation.

Playground Maintenance Technician

The Comprehensive Training Program for Managing Safe Playgrounds

For nearly a decade, the comprehensive Playground Maintenance Technician (PMT) program has trained over 2,000 participants in nearly 20 states and internationally. The two-day training workshop focuses on practical playground maintenance practices, inspection principles and best practices in making repairs. Participants learn how to conduct a thorough playground inspection, repair damaged equipment, and what to be aware of when removing equipment from service.

Global Credentials and Training

World Parks Academy

Indiana University’s World Parks Academy seeks to unite national certification systems by providing the first international competency-based certification programs for the parks and recreation industry. Additionally, the World Parks Academy provides certifications for countries without a current national certifying body. The World Parks Academy is a joint program offered by Indiana University’s Eppley Institute for Parks and Public Lands in conjunction with World Urban Parks, which has its main office in New Zealand.

Custom Designed Training

Every parks, recreation, or public lands management organization is shaped by a unique combination of community, setting, and mission attributes. Conferences and out of the box workshops are unlikely meet individual agency needs. The Eppley Institute develops and delivers programs to meet the specific objectives of its partners.

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