National Association for Interpretation

The partnership between the National Association for Interpretation (NAI) and the Eppley Institute for Parks and Public Lands is long standing and revolves around online learning for interpreters. This successful partnership has created and adapted 10 online courses and two online certificates for NAI members and other organization interpreters. Conversely, NAI has maintained its classroom-based Certified Interpretive Guide training. The COVID-19 pandemic changed NAI’s ability to offer classroom training, and due to our partnership, Eppley and NAI worked together to provide online curriculum and testing for interpreters wanting to certify as Certified Interpretive Guides. Managing the 200+ people who had been completing the classroom interpretive training was a challenge for both NAI and Eppley, as there was an attendance, performance, and testing requirement to become certified from NAI. The LEAP LMS system fit this need perfectly. All the 200+ students applying to become certified through NAI were managed in LEAP LMS in a seamless platform that allowed for rigorous testing during specific times/dates and NAI will continue to offer online curriculum and testing through the LEAP LMS. It is anticipated that hundreds of interpreters will certify online.