What's Included?

Organized Training and Learning Management

All of the elements you need to manage your training and learning for employees and volunteers are in one easy-touse location. LEAP has robust tracking and reporting features that can provide your agency with meaningful data driven insight from hours of completed training, to training records of individual users, to popular training courses.
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An LMS Specifically for Park, Recreation, and Public Land Agencies

The Eppley Institute has 25 plus years of on the ground, highly regarded practice in the professional development and training of personnel in park, recreation, and public land management agencies across the nation. The LEAP LMS is specifically designed for park, recreation, and public land management agencies based on Eppley’s collaborations, partnerships, and experience. Your agencies experience in implementing the LEAP LMS system will be easy and flawless.

Employee Skill Development

Manage your existing training assets by tracking employee skill developments throughout their career in order to facilitate identification, promotion and retention of top performing staff.

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LEAP LMS is customizable with features that can accommodate the training and learning management needs of agencies regardless of size. Each agency receives its own branded LEAP LMS tailored to the agencies image, approach, and information, as well as training approach.

Cost-Effective and Strategic

Using an LMS for agencies is the next stage in the strategic
evolution of park, recreation, and public land agencies. The
LEAP LMS empowers an agency increase value from funding invested in training, and valuable high return on investment alternatives to investing in conferences, face to face workshops, and in person in agency using LEAP LMS vetted training content.

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Course Catalog

LEAP LMS provides 150 free courses to agencies from the expanding selection of parks, recreation, and public lands management-based courses in the catalog. Staff and volunteers can access these courses as agency mangers allow. And, as an added value, each agency is offered discounts on over a dozen online certificate programs from $350 to only $250 each.

IT and LEAP Implementation Support

We have a dedicated IT help desk that can provide IT support within 24 hours of contact, and by phone during business hours. Eppley’s experienced team will use its 25 plus years of experience to ensure that deploying the LEAP LMS is seamless and effective.
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Create Your Own Learning Content

Upload existing agency training material and create agency courses for employees and volunteers. Depending upon the topic, sophistication of learning desired, and purpose, an online course can be designed, developed, and delivered in hours by trained agency staff.

Add on Services

Virtual workshops or on-site training can be added to the LEAP LMS. Detailed return on investment studies, learner success, reports, course development workshops and additional training evaluations can also be provided for agencies seeking advanced LMS implementation.
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Once you select a plan, the Eppley team will develop a LEAP LMS implementation to set up your agency’s custom environment. Preliminary work will be completed and an analysis delivered for agency approval. If the agency determines the situation or circumstances have changed based on the reports, scaling up is easy to implement. Any remaining credits to the agency will be applied towards upgrade fees and plans will be adjusted. 

Downgrading or ending use of LEAP LMS is also possible. Notice to end use is required and all active use of LEAP LMS will be ended after a 30 day notice by either party.

You can create a variety of courses, including classroom-based, teleconference, and online ecourse learning content. Additionally, agencies can also create different learning paths for different classes of employees, volunteers, or other groupings based on the agency’s training requirements. Required course completion can also be used as a factor to access agency customized and created courses.

Once an agency has selected a plan, the Eppley team will set up meetings to initiate LEAP LMS implementation. Each agency will receive an implementation plan, LMS implementation readiness review and recommendations, and approvals of various options for implementation based on the agency’s needs.

A phased implementation of the basic LEAP LMS with Eppley’s award-winning support is all that is needed next.

After the agency’s LEAP LMS environment is initiated, agency staff training is provided enabling agency personnel to use the LMS and add agency specific courses. Refinement of the LMS, course content, and creation of curriculum for agency staff and volunteers is a final phase, all supported by the Eppley Institute experts that lead to full LEAP LMS implementation.