A learning management system designed specifically for park, recreation, and public land agencies.

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Professional Growth

For staff who want to advance their parks, recreation, and land management competency, LEAP offers agencies a path forward. Practitioner and professional development certificate programs and courses are designed to challenge staff and set your agency apart. Over 15 different certificates written by some of the leading professionals in the nation are available at a discount. Challenging content, taken at times that fit staff schedules, and with assignments that benefit your agency, the opportunity for professional growth is without comparison.

Park & Land Management Agencies

Your agency staff is the most valuable resource you have and increasing their effectiveness is critical to achieving your agency's goals. The Eppley Institute offers expert instruction in a wide range of topics and optional delivery methods based on the needs of your staff. Optimize the effectiveness of your staff, and keep your agency targeted on achieving the most for your community!


Workshops are highly effective half-day to day-long courses developed by experts in instructional design and delivered by professional instructors. These workshops are highly interactive and the most effective means to train many staff members in complex processes. Each workshop can be facilitated for up to 30 staff members and is tailored to meet your agency's needs and concerns. Workshops can be priced upon request, as prices vary based on customization needed, the number of staff being trained, and travel costs.


Microlearnings are short online courses designed to introduce learners to a topic that is expanded on in more comprehensive courses and certificates. Microlearnings are a great way to decide if a longer course or certificate program is right for your needs. Microlearnings are free, and most can be completed in as few as 15 minutes.


LEAP LMS offers over 150 free online courses to your agency's staff and volunteers without the addition of agency-specific onboarding and mandated training! These courses can take learners deep into a topic, or ensure that annual mandated training is completed on topics such as working with minors, or cash handling.

Certificate Programs

Certificate programs are a series of 3- 5 related courses designed to expand individual capacity for detailed and complex processes. Learners taking individual courses complete a short assessment at the end of the course, but learners taking courses as part of a certificate program submit assignments, receive feedback from experts in the field, and, upon successful completion of all requirements, receive a certificate acknowledging their achievement.

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The Eppley Institute has provided award winning services for the past 25 years for over 150 partners

Planning & Operations

Eppley has created a variety of plans including: Visitor Education and Interpretation Plans, Strategic Action, Park-Facility Asset Prioritization, Business and Operational Planning, Climate Adaption Framework Plan, to name a few.

Training & Education

Eppley has held workshops and training sessions across the U.S. for various organizations including the National Park Service, Great Lakes Park Training Institute, and the Carhart Center for Wilderness training.

Research & Analysis

Over the years, Eppley has completed several Trail User Research and Surveys as well as Program Evaluations, Data Comparison and Analysis, Benchmarking Research, Recreation, Parks, and Facility Trends Analysis.



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